This is Frank W. Samuelson's domain.

Frank now lives in Rockville, Maryland. He is in the phone book.  His email is his frank at

Frank grew up in Wisconsin, went to college in Massachusetts, went to graduate school in Iowa, did a post-doc in Los Alamos, and now works for the FDA.  His parents are Sharon and Jack, and siblings are John and Amanda.  He has a wife Lori and son Eli.  Yeah, that Frank Samuelson.

Quite a few people are excited that Frank now has a blog.

Below is a picture of Frank and his thumb:
me and my thumb

Click here to dump stuff directly onto Frank's computer. You will have to accept his out of date, self-signed security certificate (which may require half a dozen extra clicks if you are using PITA "Firefox").

Some stuff Frank wrote that others may find useful:
npgzip is a program that runs gzip in parallel on multiple cpus. Note: it zips, not unzips. It is based on the simple magic that gzip files can be concatenated, and still be read correctly by gzip.
More to come, as I dig back...

Some links that Frank finds useful:, repository of TI calculator software for Fedora.
Stepmania, a "DDR" type game

A link.

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